Domcop can be used to search for expired domains. Ahrefs Domain Rating can be used to find domains based upon Majestic Trust & Citation Flows and Majestic Trust & Citation Flows. Traffic Data, Domain Scope traffic data, and Social Statistics are also available.

What is Domcop?

Domcop is a domain finder that helps you to acquire expired domains for your personal or professional use. It provides the user with an easy-to-use interface, so as to eliminate all of the tedious and time-consuming work involved in finding and acquiring domains. 

Domcop also has a built-in rank tracker which tells you how many pages are indexed on Google for any given domain. The developer of this software is very responsive and helpful when it comes to customer service, which puts their customers at ease about purchasing from them. 

There are more features available than can be listed here, but if you’re interested in checking out this product before buying it, feel free to visit http://domcopreviews.com/domain-finder/.

Domcop is a popular tool for searching expired domains. Just one click will bring up domains and useful metrics such as:

  • Alexa rank data
  • DomainScope DNS information
  • Estibot valuations
  • SEMRush rank and traffic information
  • similar web rank and traffic information
  • Majestic metrics
  • Moz metrics
  • Wayback Archive information
  • Whois information and much more

Domcop can be used for the following types of domains:

  • Buy Now Domains – domains available for immediate purchase
  • Domains in Auctions: These domains are available for bidding. If you place the highest bid, the domain is yours.
  • Domains Pending Delete: You can place a backorder domain order with any service you choose.
  • Expired Domains: These domains can still be purchased from the registrar you choose as long as they are still available.
  • Pre-Release Domains: These are auctions for domains that are pending deletion.
  • Crawled domains (requires DomCop Guru plans) – the Guru plan grants you access to this feature. It crawls the Web and finds broken links that are associated with expired domains.

Domcop does not sell domains. It lists domains within the categories listed above. You can then buy them through a back ordering service or an auction site.

A few things can help.DomCop stands out from the rest:

  • Domcop is unique in that it uses metrics like DomainScope and Estibot. Along with Moz, Majestic, and SEMrush metrics.
  • It will display a large number of metrics on one page.
  • Based on user feedback, new features are constantly being developed.


DomCop receives metric data from several third-party suppliers. Their customers will have the most current and accurate information. Accurate metric information. Customers will also spend less time manually searching for expired domains.


DomCop account dashboard.

DomCop Features

Many of DomCop’s rivals don’t have these metric resources. DomCop’s developers invest a lot of time and effort to ensure that their users have the most complete expired domain lists.

Many times, metrics are updated during domain lifecycles. Domcop is currently in beta update domain metrics at the following intervals

  • When the domain is imported for the first time into the system

  • Every seven days, the Alexa, Majestic, and Moz metrics are updated

DomCop updates Moz, Majestic, and other metrics every seven days. This may cause data mismatches on DomCop and the Moz and Majestic websites.

These numbers should not change for most domains so it shouldn’t be a problem unless a particular domain loses its backlinks fast.

What is the Domcop (Moz Metrics)?

Moz is a company this provides metrics information for many websites. These are their metrics:

  • MozRankThis is a score of link popularity that can range between 1 and 10. MozRank is a ranking system that determines the quality and number of pages a domain links to. MozRank scores average around 3.
  • MozRank (www)This is the MozRank for the subdomain www of a site.

  • Combined MozRank– After combining all pages from the root domain, this MozRank is one value.

  • Combined MozRank (www).– This MozRank also includes all pages from a subdomain.

  • MozTrust– This is Moz’s global link score. It also ranges between 1 and 10. This score measures all links that a domain has to reputable websites.

  • MozTrust (www.)– This is the MozTrust score of a website’s www subdomain.

  • Domain AuthorityDomain Authority is a measure of how well a domain ranks in search engine results. These metric scores range from 0 up to 100. Domain Authority is hard to influence. Although it is possible, spammers have a difficult time trying to fake higher Domain Authority scores.

  • Page AuthorityPage Authority is a measure of how well a web page ranks in search engine results. Domain Authority is more useful for expired domains. Page Authority predicts only probabilities for one page. This metric score can also vary from 0 up to 100.

  • Total DomainsThis shows the number of domains that have backlinks to their root domain.

  • Total Domains (www).Count of domains linking to the www subdomain.

  • Total Backlinks– This shows how many backlinks Moz has found for a specific domain.

  • Total Backlinks (E). This shows you how many backlinks have equity to the root domain.

  • Total Backlinks to Subdomain (E). This will show you how many backlinks are passing equity to your web subdomain.

Domains with low Domain Authority scores and high Page Rank scores will be found when you evaluate domain metrics. You should investigate why this occurs.

Moz might not have included this domain in its index. It is possible that the domain you are reviewing might be a fraud domain. Domain Authority scores of 30 or more are a sign that a domain is good.

What are the Domcop (Majestic Metrics)?

majestic is the most widely used and popular tool. They provide the following metrics:

  • Trust flows– Trust Flow assesses each domain’s trustworthiness based on the websites linking back to it. Scores for Trust Flow range from 0 up to 100. Scores rise with the number of backlinks from trusted websites.

  • Citation FlowCitation Flow uses backlinks to predict the web domain’s value. Citation Flow scores can also be used to compare backlinks between domains. They range from 0 up to 100. This metric is very similar to Moz Domain Authority.

  • Ratio Trust Flow/Citation flow domains that have a low Trust Flow to Citation Flow ratio could be scammy. Citation Flow is much easier to manipulate than Trust Flow. Avoid domains that have Trust Flow/Citation Scores below 0.8.

  • LinksThis indicates how many backlinks are there to the root or subdomain of www.

  • DomainsThis shows how many domains have backlinks to the root domain or www subdomain.

  • IPsThis number is the total number of IP addresses that are associated with domains linking back to either the root domain or the www subdomain.

  • SubnetsThis shows you the number of unique subnets that have domains that have backlinks to either the root domain or the www subdomain.

  • Domains for EDUThis will show you how many EDU domains have links to the root domain or subdomain www.

  • Links to EDUThis number is the number of backlinks from EDU domains to the root domain or the www subdomain.

  • GOV Domains metric shows you the number of GOV domains that link back either to the root or to the www subdomain.

  • GOV LinksCount of backlinks from GOV domains that have backlinks to the root domain or www subdomain.

  • Topical Trust FlowMajestic will show you different categories of backlinks belonging to domains that have passed the trust flow. This information can be used to determine the industry in which a domain is located based on its backlinks.

What are the Domcop (SEMRush Metrics)

SEMRush, a metric company, is hereThis provides information about traffic costs, search volume, and keywords different domains rank for. These are their metrics:

  • SEMRush Rank– Based on the total domain searches, this is the rank of the domain.

  • KeywordsThis shows you the number of keywords that a domain ranks for.

  • Organic Traffic Monthly– This displays the monthly traffic to a domain based on SERP ranking data.

  • Traffic CostsThis is the total cost for traffic to a website. This information is calculated based on user location, cost per keyword click and total site traffic.

  • Keyword Data– This section shows you the top five keywords for which a domain is ranked. It will also include data about the domain’s search volume, competition, and cost per click.

How to find a good expired domain?

DomCop software allows you to easily find expired or expiring domains and archive the domains. This tool is highly recommended because it can filter all expired domains according to any criteria that the researcher may set.

Step 1.

After you have paid for the DomCop Power plan starting at $98 /month. Let’s say you want to search expired domains with a minimum PageRank 2 and Domain Authority (DA 29) that are not listed in “Counter Offer” auctions.

Step 2.

As you can see, the best way to avoid spammy listings is to set the desired parameters. However, it can be difficult to distinguish high quality domains and low-quality ones.

Step 3.

You can use the page rank slider to find domains ranging in PR2 to PR10; you can also set it to display all domains with DA 29-100. Make sure you check the “Hide Fake PR” checkbox to make sure no fake PR domains appear. Also, uncheck the “Offer/Counteroffer” auction type.

Unchecking the “Offer/Counteroffer” auction type will ensure that only domains that are being sold will be displayed.


Step 4.

Additional filters can be used to narrow down the list. You can use metrics such as Majestic Trust Flow and Moz Domain Authority to find quality expired domains.

You will now need to set the price. If you find a domain you like, click the star icon to add it to your watchlist. Or click on the domain name to go directly to the place where you can buy the domain.

However, it is strongly recommended that you verify the Domain Authority & Trust Flow values. A low DA could indicate that the domain is not as profitable. Also, check the backlinks manually to confirm if the rating is valid.

That’s it – if you follow these steps. How to Find Recently Expired Domain Names With DomCopYou must have found a useful addition to your domain search and a suitable domain for your archives.

Pricing and Plans?

Domcop does not offer a free trial or a free plan. For new customers, they offer a two-day money-back guarantee on paid plans. You must contact them within two days after you purchase your plan to receive a full refund. This guarantee is only for new subscribers.

Two people can share the same account. Some companies might hire a freelancer for assistance with expired domain searches.

                                                                                                  Domcop pricing plansdomcop-pricing

                                                               Domcop has three pricing tiers, which can be paid monthly or annually.

Domcop has three pricing tiers. These are the Guru plan, Power Plan, and Newbie plans. You can choose to pay monthly or annually for each plan (the annual option is more affordable):

The Newbie plan provides access to the Expiring domains Section ($56/month).

The Power plan gives you access to the Archived and Expired sections for $98/month

The Guru plan provides access to the Archiving and Expired sections, as well as the Personal expired Domains crawler ($184+/month).

Guru Plan

There are three pricing options for the Guru plan. You can create jobs with crawlers to search different websites. Then, you’ll get a list of expired domains that you only have access to.

  • Guru Plan I: $184/month. Users get 10 crawlers per calendar month.
  • Guru Plan II: $372/month. Provides 30 crawlers per calendar month.
  • Guru Plan III: $556/month. Provides 50 crawlers per calendar month.

Each Guru plan allows users to use a certain number of crawlers each month. Guru Plan III provides 50 crawlers that can crawl 50 websites each month. There is no limit on the sites that you can crawl and the jobs you can create.

Crawlers are different from DomCop expired domain list crawlers. Crawlers will not inspect backlinks for expired domains. Instead, crawlers will search for well-broken backlinks to determine if the domain can be bought.

The crawler will check if the domain is still available if a link has been broken. If the domain is available for purchase, the crawler will return all the DomCop domain metrics you would expect (Alexa and Majestic, Moz. SimilarWeb. SEMRush, etc.). This is also called expired domain mining.

You are the only person who can access each expired domain the crawler returns. You are the only person who can access your list of expired domains. Once you have purchased a Guru plan, a link will appear at the top of your screen titled “Crawler Dashboard.”


                                                                                               Crawler Dashboard Example

After you log in, this screen will disappear. Once your personal crawler begins crawling websites and finding domains, you’ll see additional statistical information.

To start a web crawl, select the “Create a new crawl job” option. You’ll then be redirected onto a page that allows you to choose the type and frequency of your crawl.

Keyword Search – You can crawl any sites that are listed in Google search engine results for specific keywords. You can enter as many as 20 keywords at once.

Niche Website – Choose your niche from this list. Based on your niche, the crawler will crawl random sites.

Reverse Website – This job allows you to crawl websites that link to a single website or to a group of websites. You can also enter websites from competitors or sites in the same niche.

Website crawl – This is the default crawl assignment. You can enter multiple websites and have the crawler search them all.

Domcop Cons and Pros?


  • You cannot get a free trial
  • Pricing plans may not be right for everyone.
  • New customers are only eligible for a 2-day money-back guarantee. This is too short a time frame to determine if the tool suits your needs.


  • Domcop offers a wide range of metrics from many sources.
  • The Guru plan’s Expired Domain Crawler option can be used for crawling websites and finding broken backlinks
  • It’s web-based, so there is no need to install anything
  • Watchlist: Add domains
  • Save your search preferences
  • Get email notifications every day
  • Export domains

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