This blog post will discuss how to find expired domains with Traffic and URLs across both Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as well as through various Tools and techniques, Archive dot org’s Wayback Machine which preserves archived snapshots from popular web pages on servers around the world.

If you’re looking for how to find expired domains with traffic, then this article will show you how. There are many ways how to find expired domains with Traffic, but first, let’s see how useful and profitable they are.It is a good domain age indicator if a site has lots of links from different sources and other types of backlinks that are not related to the expired domain.This means that there was huge link popularity once and this website used to be highly ranked with good rankings in Google for some search terms. that is How to find Expired Domains with Traffic is by analyzing how many backlinks it has. Here are the main direct ranking factors:


If you look at how many linking root domains or how many pages point to a particular site, how well they’re linked from other sites and where they came from, then you will see how beneficial it would be if you found such an expired domain. There are various tools that show the number of referring domains or pages pointing at a website according to its age. So that’s how I know which one I should buy and use them

1. What is an expired domain with traffic

Expired domains are sites that used to have traffic and ranking power, but they no longer exist. These old websites still have the ability to rank for certain keywords because of their age and past rankings, making them a valuable commodity in the SEO industry. Expired domain website owners often sell these domains back or give them away free via auction sites like Flippa with hopes of getting something out of what was once an active online business venture. 

2.What Do We Need How To Find Expired Domains with Traffic?

1.Expired domain listing site: 

Spamzilla or Domcop [Paid]

Expireddomains.net [Free]

2. For Checking Expired domain Backlink Quality, Traffic We need

Ahrefs, Semrush

3. We need to check the domain available for registration or not



3.How to find Expired Domains with Traffic?

How to find Expired Domains with Traffic from Expireddomains.net?

how to find expired domains with traffic? the popular expired domain listing site is Expireddomains.net.in this post Now I show you how to find expired domain with Traffic

Go to Expireddomains.net then register and login into your account and click on “deleted domain”

Then you need to enable a filter from Column Manager which is “SEMrush US Organic Traffic”

 It shows only the domain Traffic from the US.

Now you will see the SEMrush Traffic Filter.

Now click on show filter and click on only available Domains and select Domains per Page to 200

Then Click on Apply filter then You will see a domain that has US Traffic and is available for registration. You can apply filters for domain extensions like .com, .net or .org .

Now Copy the domain to check the status 

Now We need SEMrush to check the domain’s traffic.

Open SEMrush check on bulk analysis  paste the copied domains and click on compare the selected Monthly Visitors

I see the domain ‘’gotvene.bg’’ has 1k monthly Traffic. It’s not good if it has at least 10k monthly Traffic then It’s fine. I hope You will find a domain with 10k traffic. I think Now you Understand How to Find Expired domain With Traffic

Finding domains that are worth buying can be difficult, especially if you’re not a domain expert. That’s why we put together this list of 6 tips for finding good domains.

Tips 1: when You find an expired domain then check the Moz status like DA, PA Spam Score

DA/PA=10+ spam=0-5%

Tip 2: When You find an expired domain then check the Majestic Status like Trust Flow and Creation Flow. TF/CF=10+ 

Tip 3: check the domain URL index is on google or not. You can check this via search “site:thedomain.com”

Tip 4: Check whether the domain anchor text is clean or not. If you see the anchor text in English and different text for different links then it’s neutral. and if you see the same anchor text for different links or the anchor text is in a different language then ignore this. you can check anchor text via Ahrefs, Moz Pro, SEMrush, or Majestic SEO.

Tip 5: check the domain backlink if the link is from pron, casino or any worming sites then reject the domain.

Tip 6: check the domain with https://web.archive.org. If the domain is active from its creation date and not used for PBN or 301 Redirection Then it’s pass from archive.org and you can buy the domain.

4. Expired Domain importance of SEO 

Expired domains can be used to enhance your SEO. Building links can be hard work. Using expired domains can help you gain high-quality backlinks, increase your website authority, and improve your SEO.

 Expired domains have high domain trust, domain popularity, Traffic, and other SEO Value also have high PageRank that can help your online trust.

This can be a great starting point for launching a new project if the domain was maintained well by its previous owner.

 It is much easier to do tedious tasks like link building and creating high visibility. These benefits are only available if expired domains are used in the same region as the topic and have the same content.

how to find expired domains with traffic

 Expired domains that have valuable backlinks may be able to help the project rank higher in search results. Also, expired domains provide a great starting point for link building.

5. Tips on how to make money from expired domains with traffic 

Do you Make Money Via the Expired domain? The answer is: Yes. You can Make Money by Expired domain in multiple ways.


You Can sell the domain on various AUCTIONS Sites OR FORUMS sites.

Just search on google then you will get many auction sites and forums about the domain. Also, you can sell the domain on Facebook groups.


You Can List your domain on Flippa.com if you are worth then the domain will be sold at a good price.


             If you have a website that has good traffic

             then You can advantage of your domain for sale.


If your expired domain has traffic then You can Park your domain for free and earn money via text link ads. you can park your domain on Sedo. also you can redirect the domain to your CPA Or Affiliate Link.


You can build an authority niche site and make money by guest posting.

Also, you can Put various ads on your niche site.

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