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WWE is an acronym for World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE was founded on February 21, 1980, in the United States and is a company specializing in sports, entertainment and mass media. In terms of WWE history, it was formerly known as Titan Sport, later changed to World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and now it is called World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The company usually focuses on live and internet competitions, with a significant focus on the wrestling industry.
In addition to making a significant profit from wrestling tournaments, WWE also has a lot of revenue from other service activities on music, cinema, direct product sales and production licensing. Vincent McMahon currently holds the position of WWE President and his wife, Linda McMahon, is the Executive Director.

Wrestling performance is the company’s main business, and W W E is the largest wrestling performance group in the world. According to the share, it has a library with lots of images showing the development of WWE through the history of wrestling. The wrestling events organized by WWE are performance-oriented, show great entertainment, plot and clear script, rather than a real fighting sports tournament. Although the wrestling matches held by the WWE are all performance-based, attacks can cause harm and injury to the player in some battles. Every year, WWE’s sales are very high and always attract the attention of the world’s significant wrestlers.

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